Århus Malmö Exchange Programme 2006 udstilling og videovisning
25 Feb, 2006 -
05 Mar, 2006
Runo Lagomarsino, Beata Fransson, Ewa Einhorn, Ylva Westerlund, Mats Adelman, Tova Mozard, Karlotta Blöndal, Jee-Eun Kim, Ewa Einhorn, Ylva Westerlund, Mats Adelman, Karlotta Blöndal, Tova Mozard, Mathias Kristersson.
Udstilling og videovisning

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ÅMX exhibition in rum46, February 25 th– March 5 th 2006, rum46, studsgade 46, www.rum46.dk. Open: thurs-sun 1pm-5pm, Opening Saturday Feb. 25th. 6pm.-9pm.

by Runo Lagomarsino
Slideprojector installation, 2006
Extract from work statement
This work is grounded in an ongoing documentation of three commercial billboards located in my neighbourhood in Malmö. The work illuminates the everyday forms of resistance that open this closed landscape, created between market capitalism and consumers and illuminates a new arena through which neighbours speak to and with each other.
These "new cultural products" are not fixed, they change all the time like some kind of everyday conversation among citizens, like a silent and generous share of alternative knowledge and an invitation to subversive spaces.

Seven films by Mats Adelman
A series of seven short video works by Mats, shown one after the other. In total 12 min.
Extract from synopsis of the whole series.
The first film is without title. In the opening scene a man is sitting alone on a chair in a room, suddenly another man enters and guns him down. When the murder leaves the site the room itself becomes alive- a chair is walking across the floor, a small elephant statue starts to move and a zeppelin airship depicted in a painting suddenly appears to be flying.

Proposal for an advertasingboard in Malmö
by beata Fransson, 2006
Written statement on poster.

Leona Babette, Westwood Los Angeles
by Tova Mozard 2002
Video, 7 min
Leona is a nightclub singer in Los Angeles. In the video she sings short demonstrations of songs and she also comments upon each of them and explains her relation to them. By doing so she states her role both as a private and a public person within the entertainment business. When she talks she address the person behind the camera, the audience watching the video "becomes" this person and it creates an intimate space between the viewer and the subject.

by Ylva Westerlund
22 drawings in ink, 2005
In this series of drawings, called "C", a group of creatures are fighting and debating over the issues of power relations. As a parallel story lies the life of the monster in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein". The issue becomes whether this correlation produces a democratic ideology or maybe yet another homogeneous Utopia where the outsider position no longer holds a promise.

The Principle of Hope
by Ylva Westerlund
video, 6 min. 2003
In this video loosely knit single-issue groups or activists with guerrilla strategies are to come together around certain values and goals. Ideologies appears in peculiar hybrids. In the video an  orator dressed as an alien say: "Let us speak with a two-edged tongue". The video tries to traces popular, well-meaning contemporary strategies and slogans to their, at times, highly murky origins and offshoots.

Heap by Ewa Einhorn
Animation video loop, 58 sec. 2005
A heap is that kind of seemingly vague entity capable of breaking down the division between one and many.The face is a heap. It says something without saying anything.

ÅMX Video program at ARoS, Saturday Feb. 25th. 2006 at 3pm, In the auditorium on 3rd floor, Free entrence with a print out of this invitation between 2.45pm. - 3pm., Total program duration: 1.30 hour., Aros Allé 22, 8000 Århus C. www.aros.dk

Exercises in Triangulations
video 4 min.
by Ylvva Westerlund, 2004
The video starts from a scientific method of putting light on the political rhetoric from a slightly twisted perspective. The video describes incompatible ideas being put together and creating a new, a "third" variation. The theories are introduced very matter-of-factly in the video, which perhaps reminds of a scientific presentation. But the emblem of the constructed sender is then exposed to raise doubts and make the viewer question the objectiveness of the video.

video 10 min.
by Ewa Einhorn, 2004
The piece is a more or less an obvious staging of an eager journalists desire to conduct a street-poll. The camera takes us for a walk through central Warsaw. People in the street are confronted with the question "what does feminism mean to you?"

video 4 min
by Mats Adelman
NordÖst was shot during a trip to the North of Scotland and has the structure of a diary or a non-narrative ghost story.
In the film are different locations such as a river, an empty house and a bird cliff which were captured with a handheld camera. In between these scenes animated drawings and texts works as transitions.The title NordÖst/NorthEast is inspired from the occultist way of reading the cardinal points. The North, stands for Evil and the East for the Meditative.

Inverted Perspective
video 10 min.
By Karlotta Blöndal, 2005
The video is taken from a partial view onto a street giving limited information. There seems to be a demonstration going on or somesort of public action involving the state authorities. The term "inverted perspective" can be explained as: looking at a system from the perspective of the object being acted upon, rather than the organization doing the action.Or Inverted perspective: depends on multiple points of view that are in front of the painting, not behind. Therefore the backgroundobjects are often larger than the foreground objects. Because of this there is no natural light sourze and no shadows.

Chasing silence
video. 11 min.
by Mathias Kristersson, 2004
The video is divided into three parts and does not contain any images. The central narrative follows the troubled relationship between "Calfbrain" and "Monkeyman". In the first part, the viewer hears a confused "Calfbrain" talking about her experiences of the sudden break-up between her and "Monkeyman". The sound accompaniment is loud and brutal. "Calfbrain" speaks in Swedish subtitled in English. In the second part, the English subtitles continue, this time without voice-over, and within a much calmer soundscape. Here an "I" begins to explain, and comment on, the video itself. This commentary eventually concludes in a highly subjective and exaggerated analysis of the piece. Finally the video ends as it begins, with a Swedish voice-over subtitled in English, but this time from an unknown third person whispering the conclusion of "Calfbrain's" confusion.

Pressemeddelelse om ÅMX.06 Should I Stay Or Should I Go? On Secondary Cities:

Århus-Malmö Exchange Programme 2006 er initieret og udviklet af Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen, Jee-Eun Kim og Christian Schult og realiseres i samarbejde med C-SAM, rum46, ARoS og aarhus.nu i Århus samt Rooseum og Critical Studies i Malmö.

ÅMX opsøger og beskriver netværk, som arbejder med kulturproduktion i Århus og Malmö. Projektet har desuden det mål at skabe nye muligheder for samarbejde mellem kunstnere og kunstinstitutioner i de to byer.

Adskillige kunstnere, skribenter, kuratorer og institutioner er inviteret til at reflektere over og diskutere temaet Sekundære byer. Med udgangspunkt i tanker om hvordan et sted og dets indbyggere organiserer og identificerer sig selv, kommenterer udvekslingen det flygtige i sådanne identitetskonstruktioner og ser på, hvordan man som indbygger i en specifik by tager imod eller lægger afstand til indflydelse fra det øvrige globale samfund.

Udvekslingsprojektets første etape Should I Stay or Should I Go? On Secondary Cities består af en udstilling med retrospektive højdepunkter i de to byers værkproduktioner - video, installationer og tryksager - samt en åben læsegruppe som i foråret finder sted en gang om måneden på rum46 i Århus og hver anden uge på Signal i Malmö. Læsegruppen beskæftiger sig med tekster der handler om offentlighed, byliv, urbane strukturer og udvekslingsmodeller.
Udvekslingsprojektets anden etape lægger op til en temaudstilling senere i 2006 med værker der beskæftiger sig særligt med emnerne.

Fredag den 17/2 byder Rooseum i Malmö velkommen til åbningen af en gruppeudstilling med Sixten Therkildsen, Jacob Nielsen, Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen, Lise Skou, SHARE YOUR COUNTRY, Lasse Krog Møller, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen & Grete Aagaard, aarhus.nu, Hanne Lindstrøm, Anja Raithel og Anne Dyhr.
Udstillingen finder sted i Critical Studies Test Site, Rooseums nedre regioner og koncerten afholdes i mikrobiografen. jab mica och el spiller electronica med inspiration fra 70'er børnemusik, hvor sample-kaos blander sig med Poul Kjøller-guitar, blokfløjte og lyde, der formodes hugget fra et legetøjs-keyboard. jab mica och el ledsages af et videoshow af kunstneren Morten Larsen.

Torsdag den 23/2 byder udstillingsstedet rum46 i Århus velkommen til åbningen af ÅMX.06 med en interaktiv performanceaften. Performanceaftenen stiller spørgsmål om feminisme og sproglig formidling med performancerne Every time I open my mouth water comes out. It makes it difficult for me to speak af Mathias Kristersson, Woman in Transition af Lise Skou og Art, feminism and my mother Mona en video af Johanna Gustafsson. Begge performanceværker inddrager publikum ved at stille direkte spørgsmål.

Lørdag den 25/2 har ÅMX glæden at invitere til et eftermiddagsarrangement i auditoriet på niveau 3 i ARoS. Arrangementet er en visning af 6 videoværker af Ewa Einhorn, Ylva Westerlund, mats Adelman, Karlotta Blöndal, Tova Mozard og Mathias Kristersson. Videoerne vises på storskærm og introduceres af Jee-Eun Kim. Arrangementet foregår på engelsk, og er gratis ved medbringelse af denne invitation. Indgang sker mellem 14.45 og 15.00.

Lørdag d. 25/2 byder rum46 velkommen til åbningen af en gruppeudstilling med Runo Lagomarsino, Johanna Gustafsson, Mathias Kristersson, Ylva Westerlund, Tova Mozard, Beata Fransson, Karlotta Blöndal, Mats Adelman og Ewa Einhorn.

For mere info kontakt venligst Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen Tlf.: +45-30297240, Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.
ÅMX er støttet af Århus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje igennem C-SAM.

Program for ÅMX i Århus og Malmö:

Februar 2006.

ÅMX Udstilling Should I Stay Or Should I Go? On Secondary Cities på Rooseum, 17/2 – 5/3

Fredag den 17. kl. 19.30 – 23.00 Fernisering af udstilling på Rooseum
med Sixten Therkildsen, Jacob Nielsen, Lasse Krog Møller, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen og Grete Aagaard, Lise Skou, aarhus.nu, SHARE YOUR COUNTRY, Anne Dyhr, Anja Raithel, Hanne Lindstrøm, Hanne Nielsen og Birgit Johnsen.

Fredag den 17. Kl. 21.30 – 22.30 koncert med jab mica och el på Rooseum

Søndag den 19. kl. 14.00, introduktionsmøde om ÅMX læsegruppe på Signal.

Rooseum, Gasverksgatan 22, Malmö, åben: Ons. Kl. 14.- 20, tors.- søn. Kl. 12.-18. www.rooseum.se,
Signal, S Skolgatan 31, Malmö www.signal/galleri.org

ÅMX Udstilling Should I Stay Or Should I Go? On Secondary Cities på rum46 23/2 –5/3

Torsdag den 23. Kl. 19.00 – 22.00, Performanceaften på rum46.
Med Mathias Kristersson performance, Lise Skou performance og Johanna Gustafsson, videoperformance

Lørdag den 25. Kl. 15.00 – 16.45, Videovisning i Auditoriet på AROS.
videoprogram med introduktioner af Jee-Eun Kim. Værker af Ewa Einhorn, Ylva Westerlund, Mats Adelman, Karlotta Blöndal, Tova Mozard, Mathias Kristersson.

Lørdag den 25. kl. 18.00 – 21.00, Fernisering af udstilling på rum46.
Med værker af Runo Lagomarsino, Beata Fransson, Ewa Einhorn, Ylva Westerlund, Mats Adelman, Tova Mozard og Karlotta Blöndal.

Søndag den 26. kl. 14.00 – 16.00, Introduktionsmøde om ÅMX læsegruppe
og en åben diskussion om sagen med muhammed tegningerne, både lokalt og globalt. Indledende oplæg af Trine Rytter Andersen, med udgangspunkt i Minority Report.

rum46, studsgade 46, 8000 Århus C, www.rum46.dk. 86208625, åben: tors-søn kl. 13 – 17.
AROS, Århus Kunstmuseum, Aros Allé 2, 8000 Århus C. www.aros.dk

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For mere information kontakt Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.


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